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The Irish Paramotor Pilots Association, is the result of a co-­operative spirit between a group of organised individuals. Here Pilots work together with a co­-operative spirit, to fulfil their common purpose. This co-operative spirit, helps the IPPA to realise its objectives.

Protecting the future of Paramotoring in Ireland.

Promoting the Sport of Paramotoring in Ireland.

Maintaining Good Safety Practice.

Help and Advice for New and Prospective Pilots.

Training Recommendation and After Training Support.

Equipment Choice And Advice.

Representation at the table with IAA regarding Paramotoring Ireland.

IPPA Members Chris Bailey & Colm Finn Preparing For Launch

Evening Flight Dungarvan

IPPA Membership

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We welcome all, New, and Old Pilots, who share our co-operative spirit. Join with us now, and create a better future for Paramotoring in Ireland.

Click the facebook button above to join us on our facebook page, and become a member of the IPPA.

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The Official Voice Of Paramotor Pilots Ireland

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