IPPA Training

If you would like to become a Paramotor Pilot, proper training is essential.

A Paramotor is basically a motorised Paraglider, that allows the pilot to typically take off and land in an open field. A small two-stroke engine, is strapped to the back of the pilot which powers a propeller, generating the required thrust for launch. The Paraglider wing is attached to a harness and pilot via carabiners.

If you are new to the sport, and thinking of becoming a Paramotor Pilot, we highly recommend you join us and become a member of the IPPA. With member Pilots located throughout Ireland you will benefit from a wealth of experience, and play a part in safeguarding the future of Paramotoring in Ireland.

Here are some basic skills you will learn from trained professionals:

  • What equipment you need.
  • How a Paramotor works.
  • How to handle the Paramotor and Wing on the ground.
  • How to accelerate and decelerate.
  • How to take off.
  • How to ascend.
  • How to control the Paramotor while flying.
  • How to descend. 
  • How to land.
  • How to maintain your equipment.
  • Thorough understanding of Air Law.
  • Meteorological conditions and affects on flying.

The IPPA is a non profit organisation, our sole interest is safeguarding the sport of Paramotoring in Ireland, and creating safe flying procedures for all our members.

We are a Democratic Association one member one vote.

Wether you are someone who is interested in becoming a Pilot, or an existing Pilot, join the IPPA and lend your voice to the future of paramotoring Ireland.


The Official Voice Of Paramotor Pilots Ireland

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